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FONPLATA and the Mayor of Itajaí sign a US$ 62.5-million financing agreement

FONPLATA and the Mayor of Itajaí sign a US$ 62.5-million financing agreement Marcos Porto/ Itajaí Citty Hall

FONPLATA’s President, Mr. Juan Notaro, and the Mayor of Itajaí, Mr. Volnei Morastoni, have signed today a 62.5-million-dollar financing agreement to support the Program Itajaí 2040 - Moderna e Sustentável (Itajaí 2040 - Modern and Sustainable). The funding will finance works to improve the population’s quality of life through investments in urban and socio-environmental infrastructure.

With these funds, FONPLATA supplements the City’s initiatives in urban mobility and sanitation, as well as for the creation of recreation and leisure spaces.

Urban mobility works will reduce downtown congestion and encourage the use of bike paths for a clean and alternative transportation. Sanitation works will, in turn, address flood issues faced by some neighborhoods during the rainy season. The creation of comfortable and safe areas for the families’ leisure time has also been planned.

“In these cities there is still space and flexibility to be creative, find innovative formulas to address that demand, always taking into consideration the quality of life of the residents, and protecting the environment at the same time”, explained Juan Notaro, Executive President of FONPLATA.

Itajaí has close to 213,000 inhabitants and is a medium-sized city according to the development banks’ classification, i.e., with a population between 100,000 and 1,000,000. Such cities are the fastest growing cities in Brazil and the continent. Therefore, they demand greater infrastructure, urban planning, and public services.

The financing agreement was signed in a short time. In October 2017, Mayor Morastoni and his team visited FONPLATA headquarters in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, to work with this development bank. The formal loan preparation and management had started back in February following the relevant steps in Brasilia, including its approval by the Senate. The signature of the agreement exactly one year after negotiations had started strengthened this successful partnership.

FONPLATA supports the initiative of the City as well initiatives of other agencies in Brazil and the member countries, bearing in mind that ideas and solutions towards a more inclusive, human, and sustainable development for future generations can stem from them.

Itajaí, a city in southern Brazil with a vibrant economy based on logistics, warehousing, and tourism, is considered a reference for the establishment of companies.

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