Loans granted by FONPLATA are one of the most widely used financial products by the member countries to fund pre-investment and investment projects including programs, studies and works aimed at supporting the integration of the member countries in order to achieve a harmonious and inclusive development within and across the River Plate Basin areas of influence. Areas for investment include infrastructure, physical integration, production, social and environmental development, among others, which aim at strengthening the sustainability of the social and economic progress of the member countries.

For that purpose, FONPLATA uses its own resources as well as those from international financial cooperation, financial markets and other resources available in order to fund the development of the member countries under the agreed terms.

For each specific loan transaction, the financial conditions such as interest rates, commissions, disbursement and amortization deadlines, grace period, local contribution and guarantees, among others, are negotiated with the borrower under the Bank’s operating policies.

Technical cooperation

Technical cooperation is made available to the member countries through technical and financial resources in order to transfer skills and experience to supplement and strengthen the development and implementation of projects, including subregional studies focused on economic, social, and environmental development and the preservation of natural resources.

This cooperation is offered through consultancy services provided by individual consultants, consultancy firms, science and technology research universities, institutes and companies, public or private national, regional or international organizations.

Additionally, FONPLATA may promote or participate in training activities, courses, conferences, seminars and symposiums organized by the Bank or other international organizations, including the promotion of project-management training, the support of research activities carried out by universities and research institutes or subregional organizations composed of member countries.


The Global program for multiple works is used for the funding of similar but independent works within a specified timeframe. The size of the program is defined by the number of works finally executed within the specified timeframe and budget.

For these programs, criteria for selecting the works to be carried out must be agreed on, as well as a representative project sample for about 30 percent of the total works to be carried out within a normal disbursement term of 4 years. The works must start within a maximum time frame of 3 years.

The Program for proportional investment funding provides partial financing for investment in a specific sector or subsector and within a limited term. The relevant sector/subsector; type of investment and expenditure to be incurred over the funding term, the percentage of yearly costs funding and the total financing term shall be agreed on.

Credit lines

The Conditional line of credit for development projects consists of the allocation of funds assigned to the funding of similar projects through individual loans charged against the credit line balance. Lines of credit are subject to specific eligibility criteria to be fulfilled in the relevant proposal.

Individual country lending operations charged against the line of credit will be part of each country’s regular scheduling.