To support the integration and harmonious, inclusive, and sustainable development of its member countries through the effective and efficient use of financial and non-financial resources.

The fulfillment of the Mission implies extending the interven- tions towards the funding of pre-investment, investment, technical cooperation, and knowledge generation initiatives with the public and private sectors, responding proactively and properly to the demands of the member countries.


To be perceived as significant, agile, effective, and costefficient institution in supporting its members to reduce the gaps that impact on development, integration, and insertion in the regional and global economy.

The cornerstone of the Vision are the five pillars articulated to define the Bank as an institution specialized in funding investments aimed at contributing to the reduction of existing gaps in physical and social infrastructure, productivity, renewable energies, health coverage, educational innovation, gender equality, job creation, and more sustainable response to climate change, among the most relevantstructural challenges that hinder development.

Strategic Pillars

  • Institutional efficienty
  • Functional specialization
  • Strategic complementarity
  • Focus on the value of the member countries
  • Financial strength and lending capacity grouth