FONPLATA granted $ 25 million US dollars to the Province of Buenos Aires to strengthen actions to alleviate the socio-economic effects of the COVID-19

Ph. pixabay

Within the second stage of the Program to Strengthen the School Food Service of the Argentine province, this disbursement of the Development Bank supports the efforts being made by the member countries to face the effects of the coronavirus pandemic in the region.

The ALIMENTAR program aims at improving children’s nutrition in the early learning and primary levels in state schools of 25 municipalities of the Province of Buenos Aires by providing three daily meals: breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks.

The loan, granted in two stages by FONPLATA, totals $ 50 million US dollars that are channeled through the Ministry of Economy of the Province of Buenos Aires. The project started in late 2019, when the first grant was received. Now, the Development Bank has granted another $ 25 million US dollars to address the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

School lunchrooms and their distribution system play a relevant role in social inclusion in Argentina. This role remains important and is now part of the efforts of this member country in face of the health and socioeconomic emergency caused by the COVID-19.