Bolivia: FONPLATA donates reagents and a testing equipment to Santa Cruz

FONPLATA Headquarters, Santa Cruz de la Sierra – Bolivia

This is the second delivery of medical supplies and equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with the COVID-19 granted by the Development Bank to the government of the Bolivian department of Santa Cruz through a non-reimbursable technical cooperation.

In July, the Development Bank approved a USD 120,000 disbursement, to be granted through non-reimbursable technical cooperation, aiming at providing humanitarian aid to the Department of Santa Cruz, that hosts its headquarters, and at contributing to reduce the negative effects of the COVID-19 in the population, as well as its social and economic impact. The donation is managed by FONPLATA in close cooperation and coordination with the General Secretariat of the Government of Santa Cruz.

This second stage of the donation involved the delivery of an ELISA equipment and the respective reagents. The first stage included four multiparameter monitors for intermediate care: two for the La Pampa hospital and two for the San Juan de Dios hospital. Then, the Secretary-General of the Government of Santa Cruz, Roly Aguilera, said that the donation of this equipment “helps strengthen the capabilities of our lab and our hospital network” as it will “enable rapid diagnostic tests for the disease and secure our health-care staff.

It is important to highlight that last March, through a non-reimbursable technical cooperation, FONPLATA – Development Bank granted Bolivia USD 200,000 for the purchase of medical products and supplies to address the emergency caused by COVID-19. These resources were channeled through the Bolivian Ministry of Health aiming at minimizing the expansion of the COVID-19 and reducing its negative effects on the population of the country.

Thus, FONPLATA continues to provide its member countries with the resources needed to help mitigate the negative effects of the pandemic in the region.