Brazilian municipalities received non-reimbursable funds from FONPLATA to address the COVID-19 emergency


The Development Bank granted US$300 thousand to support different programs of the municipalities of Itajaí, Criciúma, Corumbá, and Ponta Porã aimed at purchasing medical supplies and adapting intensive care units. Disbursements are made within the framework of the support lines made available by FONPLATA to the member countries due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In this case, it involves the approval of four non-reimbursable cooperation agreements that total US$300 thousand, to be executed by the governments of each municipality.

Thus, in the State of Santa Catarina, US$100 thousand were granted to the municipality of Itajaí to purchase equipment to adjust intensive care units (ICU), and US$100 thousand, to the municipality of Criciúma to support the “Treatment Center for Persons with COVID-19”.

In the State of Mato Grosso do Sul, US$50 thousand were granted to the municipality of Corumbá to purchase equipment to adapt the ICU, and US$50 thousand, to the municipality of Ponta Porã for the purchase of reagents for the COVID-19 rapid diagnostic tests and basic food baskets to help mitigate the negative effects caused by the spread of covid-19.

In the face of the health emergency, FONPLATA made financial support available to all its member countries, through different special lines of approval and disbursement to reinforce and support the actions already carried out by the nations to address the socioeconomic effects of coronavirus in the region.