1st Integration & Development Forum

FONPLATA - Latin Finance

This inaugural event will bring together South America’s economic leaders with heads of regional corporations, investors and development financiers for targeted, high-level discussion on expanding partnerships in key areas to promote sustainable growth across the region.

During the event the agencies and multilateral credit banks will show case studies and opportunities for develop new projects.

The Forum has 4 panels with different topics:

*Development, Challenges and Opportunities in the Southern Cone​

Trade tensions, a slower global growth and uncertainty in some of the largest economies are significant challenges for the region’s economic growth.  This session will discuss growth prospects alongside the economic agendas of Paraguay’s government and the new administrations of Argentina and Uruguay, as well as their priorities for economic development. ​

*Latin America: Growth and Social Challenges​

Adopting regulations to promote a favorable business climate, safeguarding stability in the rules of the game for private activity, implementing sound fiscal policies and strengthening anti-corruption policies are some of the priority objectives in the development agenda. This session will examine the socio-political environment in the region and what actions should be taken to generate a nurturing environment for investment and sustainable and inclusive economic growth, with significant advances to improve living conditions of the population. ​

*Trade and Integration​

With prospects of a future trade agreement between the European Union and Mercosur, countries across the region continue working to expand the scale of their intra-regional and global trade. In the midst of a complex global trade scenario, this session will examine the future for integration policies in the region and the opportunities and challenges of new trade blocs such as the Pacific Alliance.

*Infrastructure and Energy: The Way Forward​

Adapting energy infrastructure to climate change and expanding transport and communication networks are at the core of discussions for integration and further development. Despite this, financing, regulatory and institutional obstacles still restrain possibilities of moving forward. This panel will examine the state of existing infrastructure, main investment plans, challenges and best strategies and solutions to robust the region’s infrastructure development. ​

Prominent speakers include:

  • Ernesto Talvi, future Minister of Foreign Affairs, Uruguay
  • Luis Alberto Heber, future Minister of Transport & Public Works, Uruguay
  • Azucena Arbeleche, future Minister of Economy and Finances, Uruguay.
  • Mario Bergara, Senator & Former President of Central Bank, Uruguay
  • Beningno López, Minister of Finance, Paraguay
  • Arnoldo Wiens Durksen, Minister of Public Works & Communications, Paraguay
  • Martín Rama, Chief Economist for Latin America & the Caribbean, World Bank
  • Gustavo Béliz, Secretary for Strategic Affairs, Argentina
  • Edgardo Alvarez, General Secretary, ALIDE
  • Rebeca Grynspan, Secretary General, Ibero-American General Secretariat
  • Sérgio Gusmão Suchodolski, President, BDMG Brazil
  • Jorge Arbache, Vicepresident Private Sector, CAF
  • Philippe Orliange, Regional Representative, AFD
  • Otaviano Canuto, Economist, Brazil
  • José Carlos Díez, Economist, Spain

The event will be held at the Radisson Montevideo Victoria Plaza Hotel and those interested in participating can find more information or sign up for this link.