FONPLATA contributes to improve public health in the Argentine Province of Chaco

Ph. Gobierno de la Provincia del Chaco

The Development Bank approved a USD 40-million funding to support the project “Social Investment in Public Health - Chaco Province”, which aims at enhancing public-health services’ capacity, quality and sustainability. Consequently, the reference hospital Dr. J. C. Perrando and 17 other hospitals in the province will receive investments in infrastructure and equipment. The funding will also help to enhance the provincial public-health services management by incorporating technology and training health personnel.

For 58 percent of the population of Chaco, the provincial public health system is the only option. Despite the facilities available in each corner of this north-eastern province of Argentina, they lack infrastructure, equipment, and capability to cover the current demand. Therefore, health care indicators are lower than the country’s average.

The project’s total investment is of about USD 55 million, of which USD 40 million are funded by FONPLATA and USD 15 million by local contribution. The provincial Ministry of Infrastructure, Logistics and Public Services will be in charge of the infrastructure works and of equipping hospitals and health-care centers, under the advice of the Chaco Ministry of Public Health. The latter will also be responsible for the technological update of electronic medical records and for the training of health personnel. At the same time, through the Liaison Agency for Special Programs and Projects, the Chaco Ministry of Planning and Economy will be in charge of the administrative and fiduciary management and the coordination of activities in partnership with the Secretary of Strategic Affairs of the Presidency of Argentina, which will oversee the final evaluation stage.

The works and actions provided through this operation will contribute to fulfill the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals: Good Health and Well-Being (SDG 3). As a result of this project, the currently deteriorated infrastructure and equipment of all medical facilities and services of hospital centers of different levels of complexity throughout the province, including the reference hospital, Dr. J. C. Perrando, will be remediated by constructing new buildings or expanding, repairing and/or functionally adjusting current premises, plumbing and electrical systems, and services. Hospital service management will also be improved by including the deployment of electronic medical record, training of health personnel, implementation of management and clinical audit enhancement protocols, modernization of emergency response protocols, and the deployment of an information system involving decision making related to public health policies, as well as to their monitoring and evaluation.