Regional Integration and Development Analyzed by Authorities and Experts

FONPLATA - Latin Finance

The first Integration and Development Forum will be held in Montevideo, Uruguay, on March 5 and 6. The event is organized by FONPLATA and Latin Finance.




This event will gather the public and private sectors, representatives of development banks, international organizations, investors and development financiers for a high-level dialogue, aiming at broadening cooperation in critical areas for the sustainable growth of the region.

During the first day, state funding agencies and international organizations, such as ALIDE, AFD, BDMG, EIB, and IDB, will make presentations on their experiences and their role in the development of Latin America.


Edgardo Alvarez, Secretary-General, ALIDE

Philippe Orliange, Regional Representative, AFD

Sergio Gusmão Suchodolski, President, BDMG, Brazil

Joana Sarmento, Investment Officer for Latin America, EIB

Matias Bendersky, Representative of IDB Group in Uruguay, IDB

At the Forum, four panels will deal with important topics related to development and integration in the region:

* Development, Challenges and Opportunities in the Southern Cone: this panel will analyze growth possibilities in the region, the agendas of the new governments of Argentina and Uruguay, as well as of the Paraguayan government, and their development priorities.


Azucena Arbeleche, Minister of Economy and Finance (Appointed), Uruguay

Benigno López, Minister of Finance, Paraguay

Gustavo Béliz, Secretary of Strategic Affairs of the Presidency, Argentina

Marcos Troyjo, Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economy, Brazil

* Latin America: Social Challenges to Economic Growth: this panel will address the regional sociopolitical environment and the actions to be taken to create a favorable environment for investment and sustainable and inclusive economic growth, including significant progress in the living conditions of the population.


José Carlos Díez, Economist, Spain

José Luis Lupo, Manager of the Southern Cone Countries Department, IDB

Mario Bergara, Senator and former President of the Central Bank, Uruguay

* International Trade and Integration: will analyze the future of integration policies, and challenges and opportunities of new trade blocks, such as the Pacific Alliance.


Alejandro de la Peña Navarrete, Secretary-General, ALADI

Ernesto Talvi, Minister of Foreign Affairs (Appointed), Uruguay

Martín Rama, Head Economist for Latin America and the Caribbean, World Bank

Karl Otto König, Head of Delegation to Uruguay, European Union

* Infrastructure and Energy: The Path towards the Future: will discuss the situation of current infrastructure, the main investment plans, the challenges and the best strategies and solutions to strengthen infrastructure in the region.


Arnoldo Wiens Durksen, Minister of Public Works and Communications, Paraguay

Jorge Arbache, Deputy President for the Private Sector, CAF

José Luis Parada, Minister of Economy and Public Finance, Bolivia

Luis Alberto Heber, Minister of Transport and Public Works (Appointed), Uruguay

The forum will be held at the Radisson Montevideo Victoria Plaza Hotel and the media willing to attend may arrange their accreditation HERE.