Modernization of Puerto Pilar which will benefit the productive growth in Paraguay


The government of Paraguay inaugurated the works for the beltway, axis and optimization of Puerto del Pilar. This project financed partially by FONPLATA and executed by the Ministry of Public Works and Communications of said country will give a new dynamic to the logistic, communication and productive growth of Paraguay.

The completed works will allow optimization of transit and bring greater road safety to the capital of the Department of Ñeembucú. Amongst other works they carried the re-adaptation of existing installations, such as expansion of the pier/dock  and dolphin tiedowns, the expansion of the container yard, and the construction of warehouses and there were also works in the beltway and access  to the port facilities of the ANNP.

With these actions, traffic in the urban area of the city and also roadway will be greatly benefited,  and operational cost will be reduced. In the inauguration ceremonies they had the presence of the president of the Republic of Paraguay , Mario Abdo Benitez.