Uruguay Received Non-Reimbursable Funding from FONPLATA to Fight the COVID-19


The Development Bank granted Uruguay US$200 thousand to purchase medical supplies to address the situation caused by the COVID-19. In the face of the health emergency, FONPLATA made available to Uruguay, as well as to the other member countries, different lines of economic support to reinforce the measures taken by each country.

On this occasion, the non-reimbursable US$200-thousand funding granted by FONPLATA will be channeled through the Ministry of Public Health for the purchase of equipment for medical centers treating COVID-19 patients, supplies for the protection of health personnel, and laboratory reagents for the detection of the virus.

This non-reimbursable technical cooperation adds to the US$15 million delivered some days ago by FONPLATA to this country to assist micro and small enterprises affected by the COVID-19. Additionally, other initiatives to deal with the emergency are being discussed with the Uruguayan authorities.

FONPLATA made available a special funding line to address the emergency of the COVID-19 through special fast-track procedures for approval and disbursement. In addition, it has been agreed to reallocate resources from approved loans in order to strengthen the response capacity to deal with the pandemic more effectively.

Thus, FONPLATA supports the efforts being made by its member countries to face the socioeconomic effects of coronavirus in the region.