FONPLATA contributes to better quality of life in Vila Velha - Brazil


The President of FONPLATA, Juan E. Notaro, and the Mayor of Vila Velha, Max Freitas Mauro Filho, signed the loan agreement between the Development Bank and the Brazilian Municipality aimed at executing the Program of Urban Renewal and Environmental Improvements. The public works to enhance quality of life of its inhabitants by means of improving urban mobility, creating recreational areas, and developing natural resources shall be carried out by the Brazilian Municipality.

Located in the state of Espirito Santo, Vila Velha has a population of about 500,000 inhabitants and an area of 212 square km; according to the 2010 census, it is the most densely populated municipality of the Metropolitan Region of Vitoria, the state capital city. Due to the fast growth of the population in the last few decades, the city now needs investment in urban renewal and environment.

Fabrício Lima - Prefeitura de Vila Velha (ES)
Ph. Fabrício Lima - Prefeitura de Vila Velha (ES)

The $27.60 million dollars loan granted by FONPLATA allows for the execution of the Project, which aims mainly at the more socially vulnerable population, in neighborhoods with greater infrastructure deficits. The works aim at integrating city and citizens by means of the paving of streets and roads, micro drainage works, street lighting, road signs and the construction of bike paths. The Project also aims at reducing commuting time, improving accesses, parks conservation, as well as the creation of recreational areas.

After signing the agreement, the President of FONPLATA, Mr. Juan Notaro, expressed: "This contract is very important to improve quality of life in Vila Velha". And the Mayor Max Filho highlighted the importance of the loan agreement to carry out public works that will benefit the most vulnerable people of his city.