FONPLATA contributes to improve the quality of public policies in Argentina

Economic and Social Council - Argentina
Ph. Presidency of Argentina

El Banco de Desarrollo aprobó el financiamiento por 5 millones de dólares para el “Programa de Apoyo Integral para la Institucionalización del Diálogo y la Participación Ciudadana” en ese país miembro. La operación implica el apoyo para el fortalecimiento y operatoria del Consejo Económico y Social, que fue recientemente creado para la formulación e implementación de programas gubernamentales estratégicos a nivel nacional y a largo plazo.The Development Bank has approved a USD 5 million funding for the “Comprehensive Support Program to Dialogue Institutionalization and Citizen Participation” in this member country. This funding aims at strengthening and supporting the operation of the recently created Economic and Social Council to prepare and deploy national and long-term strategic governmental programs.

The Secretariat of Strategic Affairs of the Presidency of Argentina will oversee the execution of the “Comprehensive Support Program to Dialogue Institutionalization and Citizen Participation”. The purpose of the program is to improve national public policies in the Argentine Republic by enabling greater participation of citizens and consensus among the different federal agents in the development of Strategic Governmental Programs, giving priority to four social covenant areas: care, learning, productive creativity, and democracy.

FONPLATA – Development Bank is one of the multilateral agencies that will cofinance, through this funding, the recently created Economic and Social Council. The Bank will also provide support and cooperate with this collegiate body composed of representatives of corporations, unions, the academy, and the civil society, and chaired by the current Secretary of Strategic Affairs and Governor of FONPLATA representing Argentina, Gustavo Beliz. 

Presentación Consejo Económico y Social - Argentina

Additionally, the program aims at enhancing the ability to generate, analyze and manage information to deploy these public policies. The actions planned will directly contribute to the fulfillment of two of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals: Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions (SDG 16), which aims at promoting peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels; and Partnerships for the Goals (SDG 17), to help develop consistent policies and promote effective alliances in the public-private, state-owned, and civil society domains.

Furthermore, as part of FONPLATA’s efforts to support these processes, in August 2020, the Bank approved a non-reimbursable technical cooperation for Argentina, which is currently under implementation. Among other goals, it intends to strengthen the institutional abilities of the Secretariat of Strategic Affairs to diagnose, design, deploy and evaluate a strategy leading towards the economic and social post-pandemic recovery of the country, in a participatory and consensual manner. Moreover, this new funding will be complementary to another operation, currently under preparation, that will promote harmonious development in Argentina by strengthening projects aimed at decentralizing production and population.